How can one person open a plane box in seconds? Look at this automatic box folding machine!

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Can one person mold 10,000 cartons of testing reagents in one hour? The answer is no!

Affected by the epidemic, the daily consumption of test reagents around the world has reached hundreds of thousands a day, which is a huge project for the manufacturers of test reagents.

As we all know, manual folding aircraft box molding process is

Step 1: Pick up the cardboard and enter on both sides

Step 2: Fold up the back of the cardboard and fold up the sides

Step 3: Fold sides in

Step 4: Buckle the top folding box to complete

It takes 30 seconds from picking up the cardboard to forming, during which there is uncertainty in the interval of hand taking. If tens of thousands of cartons need to be folded and molded, it will take more than days. How to make the carton filled with detection reagent quickly molded? See this automatic box folding machine guerqi know!

Case Background

This is an automatic carton folding machine used by an overseas pharmaceutical company to improve efficiency and reduce employees' exposure to reagents. From the original multi-person operation, multiple carton folding machines are now used to automatic carton forming to improve the efficiency, with a daily opening rate of 10W+

How can one person open a plane box in seconds? Look at this automatic box folding machine!

Guerqi automatic carton folding machine

Automatic carton forming machine, using pneumatic control, through the mold automatically folding cover forming, paper flap automatically lock the cardboard, so that the cardboard molding does not need tape or hot melt adhesive bonding, and finally the cardboard folded into carton shape, convenient manual directly loaded products, so as to save manual box opening. The equipment is easy to operate, easy to adjust, stable and durable. Widely used in electrical appliances, toys, food, clothing, automotive supplies, electronics and other industries.

How can one person open a plane box in seconds? Look at this automatic box folding machine!

For medical products, aseptic production requires a large number of automated products. Automatic carton folding machine, can be your carton forming process to achieve unmanned, 24 hours non-stop, reduce the labor intensity of employees, saving enterprise labor production costs and management costs. We will help each other in times of difficulty to win an early and complete victory over the epidemic. The automatic box forming machines of Goerqi help medical enterprises to produce efficiently in the whole process!

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