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Unocal product advantage

Energy Saving, electricity saving, hot air circulation

Temperature and wind can be controlled

Top speed, 85 Pcs/m

A shrink wrap machine can take the place of five people

Experienced in the field

More than 10 years of industry experience

Spot wholesale

Make sure the customer receives the machine quickly

Carton Erector

Carton Erector

Carton Erector Preponderance

Top speed, 45 cases a minute
Can dock the packaging assembly line
Siemens Plc.
Support a large number of cartons on the market

Support e-commerce delivery carton

The width is as small as 8 cm

Attachable assembly line

Support 48 60 75 mm tape

Supports H - multiple ways

You can seal the corner of the carton

One-year warrantyOne-year warranty

Through CE ISO and other certification

Vilance|Carton Sealer|Case erector|Shrink wrapping machine for bottles


Product application case


Unocal six big advantage

01 Large-scale production workshop, Comprehensive Strength Guarantee

International standard material, all imported raw materials

Focus on 10 years of R & D and production of packaging machinery.

02 It has a wide range of applications

Products by the certification authority

To meet the personalized needs of customers.To meet the personalized needs of customers.

03 Sold all over the world

Free shipping: 120 or more standard models

Long-term partner of Fortune 500 companies

04 Fast Service

North and South factory can be shipped in 48 hours

General 3-5 days of delivery

05 Installation Training

After sales, 7 days no reason to return

The special person carries on the training use to the customer

06 The quality is guaranteed

Install forced engineers full installation guide

Product quality problems can be returned and exchanged

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Dongguan Dereike Intelligent M&E Equipment Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Dereike Intelligent ME Equipment Co.,Ltd established in 2018, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R amp; D and manufacturing of automatic packaging machinery, which has accumulated to provide packaging solutions for many enterprises. Its brands are: vilancepack, Deshang; main production: shrink wrap machine, carton sealer, carton erector, Automatic Bagging Machine, labeling machine, film machine and other packaging machinery and equipment; In terms of production, the company not only introduces foreign technology and production equipment, but also combines the actual application situation of customers, mass production and OEM customization. Our advantages are: abundant inventory, short production cycle, timely delivery; The products have passed CE, reach, ROHS certification, and obtained a number of patents. T


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