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Application of e-commerce express packaging machine

e-commerce express packaging m

More or less, you have heard about the e-commerce assembly line composed of several packaging personnel. A person can pack 1000 pieces a day, which can make many people surprised. However, there is a more powerful, Shijiazhuang, an e-commerce enterprise, which out of amazing speed, just use a Vilance intelligent high-speed express packer to solve the workload of 10 people, the daily packaging volume of 10000.
Why did this e-commerce choose Vilance intelligent high-speed express packer instead of manual packaging? The reason is that this equipment has solved the problem of packaging for many years.

Automatic code scanning, weighing, packing and veneering are all in one, without manual operation, and the speed is up to 1200 bags / h;
Seal firmly
The sealing cutter specially developed according to the characteristics of express bag ensures the sealing is firm and beautiful;
Labor saving
There is no need for human operation, one machine instead of 8-10 workers;
Save consumables
According to the size of the product, the length of the express bag can be adjusted automatically, and the material can be saved by 30%;
No mistakes

The system will automatically generate and print the bill information after scanning the code to avoid errors;
Docking system
It can be directly connected with various WMS and ERP systems;
Save enterprise cost
·Human resource cost
·Material production cost
·Workshop management cost
Beautiful package
The whole process is automatic, and the packing list is neat and uniform.


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