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Beverage shrink packaging machine

Beverage shrink packaging mach

In the absence of automatic direct feeding cuff packaging machine, enterprises usually only employ employees to package. For a production line, one person is arranged on both sides of the production line, and the manual packing is carried out. Finally, 1-2 people are arranged for bagging, and then the shrinkage molding is carried out in the form of high-temperature flame spraying. Of course, there are also semi-automatic sealing machines to package drinks. However, no matter which of the above forms, if the experience is not enough and the time is not controlled, it will not only damage the product but also take time and effort. How to make the beverage with bottom support realize rapid packaging? In fact, there is a simpler way to shape, that is, Vilance's automatic straight feeding cuff packaging machine, feeding molding in one step.
Watsons beverage packaging

Every entrepreneur, when purchasing automation equipment, in the final analysis, is whether such a machine can meet the needs of production and what the performance is. For Watsons, which has more than 1000 stores, the situation is as follows:
There are many kinds of products with different specifications and sizes, and the production volume is large;
For the full manual packaging of drinks, 1-4 people should be arranged, 1 person should put the beverage into the box, 1 person would glue the seal, 1 person should put the bag, 1 person should be thermomolded.
In their opinion, there is a way to solve the problem of packaging in the back section of products for them, which is an important measure to promote the development of enterprises. If it depends on manual packaging, its production power can only be limited to people.
In such a huge demand, the automatic packaging of products is very important. In Watson's soda water packaging, Gulch full-automatic direct feeding cuff packaging machine is used.
Watsons beverage packaging

The reason why this equipment can become a member of Watson's production line is not only because of its excellent performance but also because of its good reputation in packaging machinery for more than 20 years, which has accumulated perfect solutions for more than 10000 + enterprises.
The automatic direct feeding sleeve packing machine not only solves the problem of sealing film on product tray for customers but also saves 1-3 employees for the enterprise. It meets the requirements of automatic feeding and can realize the unmanned automatic shrinkage packaging performance without manual cooperation, and improves its production efficiency. In the protection of products and improve efficiency to meet the development needs of enterprises.
In terms of product aesthetics, the equipment supports PE film shrinkage. After the film shrinks automatically, it not only provides moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-collision, and label protection functions for soda water packaging boxes, but also improves its aesthetics.
At present, it is widely used in the export moisture-proof packaging of small household appliances, such as electric fan, microwave oven, oven, etc.


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