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Heat shrinkable packaging machine for instant noodles

Heat shrinkable packaging mach

Heat shrinkable packaging machine for instant noodles

Tableware packaging

Because of the particularity of the food industry, it uses heat shrinkable film earlier than other industries such as a beverage. Therefore, in order to ensure the taste and delicious of instant noodles, many enterprises have adopted instant noodles heat-shrinkable machines for sealing, moisture-proof and anti-pollution, and a layer of outer film is used to protect the outer packaging of instant noodles.

Heat shrinkable film packaging is an advanced packaging method nowadays. It not only has the functions of sealing, moistureproof, beautiful appearance and anti pollution, but also can protect the products from external impact and have a certain buffer effect. It seems that the heat shrinkable machine is a packaging method tailored for the food industry. The more important thing is that it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. It can save labor and really improve production efficiency. In China, where the labor cost is soaring, the method of using heat shrinkable film packaging in the food industry is almost the only choice.


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