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Sealing cutting and packaging machine for electronic product

packaging machine for electron

Shenzhen Xiangfan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production, sales and service of computer peripherals (network card, hub, video converter) and mobile digital (Bluetooth, type-C, multi interface digital charger) products manufacturer and e-commerce supplier.

Due to the large amount of production and the variety of electronic styles involved in the production, in order to speed up the improvement of production efficiency, meet the needs of various agents, and meet the demand of electronic equipment in the peak season of e-commerce, Xiangfan science and technology has introduced gulqi full-automatic sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging project, improving the entire automatic packaging production line.

Carton heat shrinkable packaging
First of all, considering that the enterprise has a wide range of production, in addition to electronic equipment, electronic components, multi-functional mobile phone charger, technology development of row plug, hardware, plastic production and processing, and LED equipment. In order to meet the needs of multiple production lines and various product sizes, automatic high-speed side sealing shrink packaging machine Dl-5545h-Ds-5030lw is used in each production.
Secondly, the full-automatic sealing and cutting shrinkage equipment uses photoelectricity to automatically detect products, which can realize automatic unmanned packaging, with high working efficiency. In terms of performance, it is suitable for various packaging types and products of different sizes and shapes. In terms of speed, it can package and produce 5000 pieces per hour.

Finally, labor is saved. Originally, the production line needed to arrange multiple sets of foot sealing and cutting machines for sealing and cutting of multiple products. Now, after the equipment is updated, the original employees can be assigned to other positions, without too many personnel to seal and cut products after feeding. This not only improves the total production but also saves labor.
The person in charge of Xiangfan science and technology introduced that the introduction of this automatic sealing, cutting, and shrinking packaging line has actually improved the automation process of the entire production line. After calculation, compared with the original manual packaging, this automatic sealing and automatic shrinkage can greatly reduce the labor input, and at the same time, it also avoids the waste of film.


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