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Packaging and application of brake pads for auto parts

brake pads for auto parts

You know what? In the past, the traditional packaging of auto parts only used manual sealing to put the parts into vacuum bags, and some enterprises used other bags with higher toughness to pack the parts. It was troublesome and laborious to seal with sealing machine.

With the development of technology, the application of auto parts brake pad bag coating machine came into being. It is a medium speed automatic sealing and cutting machine designed according to the different needs of the market and customers. It occupies a relatively large market in the auto parts industry. The auto parts are usually stored and transported with thin films to prevent hardware damage and oxidation. Photoelectric detection is used to automatically detect the products and realize automatic unmanned packaging. It has high efficiency and adaptability Suitable for various packaging types, different sizes and shapes of products, can be used with heat shrinkable machine, and suitable for docking front-end production equipment.
Brake pads

The Vilance fully automatic sealing and cutting machine has automatic feeding guide rail, through photoelectric positioning, precise bagging, automatic sealing of thin film action, realizes the full seal, opening packaging, and also supports other auto parts: oil seals, navigators, belts, car mats, car perfume, headlights, wipers, car films, reversing mirrors and so on.


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