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VILANCEPACK automatic carton erecting and sealing packaging

automatic carton erecting

Want Want QQ sugar is very popular with children, QQ sugar has different tastes, flexible chewing, is unforgettable taste of childhood. its production process is very delicate in terms of material selection and dissolution, VILANCEPACK carton erector and carton sealer with large demands and is top ten well-known brand in the the end of line packaging industry.
sealing packaging line
VILANCEPACK high-speed carton erector apply to Want Want end of line packaging, the erecting speed a little fast ,at least 2 operators could meet this speed, VILANCEPACK carton sealer tape sealing the carton and delivery carton to specified location after manually carton filling, VILANCEPACK continues develop new solutions to achieve the entire packing line with unmanned operation.
sealing packaging line
As the continuous improvement of people 's living standards, and people' s scientific understanding of candy, as well as new features, new flavors, such as the emergence of complex candy, candy market demand will be further expanded. in the production process of Want Want, the more beautiful packaging products also increased demand. in order to better and more quickly production, Want Want sell more products into different place the country. In the packaging, they use VILANCEPACK auto carton erector and carton sealing automatic packaging line, which could be personalized designed, manufactured according to customer different requirements for different packaging. Sealing beautiful, fast, save manpower, high efficiency, simple operation, economic durability, safety, the lowest failure rate based.
VILANCEPACK is ten top well-known brand with more than 30 technology patents under CE certificate, The products are exported to Europe and America, 19 years experience in R & D and manufacturing of packaging machinery. For further consultation, please call: info


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