The new factory? Understaffed? For many years pharmaceutical management will recommend sealing and cutting shrink machine a solution

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Celebrates its move, the expanded workshop, to speed up the new factory building, this lets health code pharmaceutical managers made difficult, manpower allocation, but the company has a senior general pharmaceutical management, found in the original production experience after packing the secret of people don't need too much, that is to buy sealing and cutting machine contraction, solves the new factory launched a major crisis.

Jianma pharmaceutical has a variety of production, covering soft capsule, tablet, hard capsule, powder, probiotics, granules, tea, etc., mainly engaged in OEM processing business, with a huge daily output, which only needs to meet the cost of labor and adapt to multi-specification product packaging.

Knowing this demand, Goerqi has provided automatic shrink packaging machine VL5545C+VS5030LW to help enterprises realize unmanned automatic packaging and automatic packaging of products of different sizes and shapes.

Now, the equipment has been in normal production in Jianma Pharmaceutical, which not only solves the problem of personnel scheduling, but also improves the packaging production efficiency of products, with the daily production volume of packaging up to 10,000 pieces. Please contact VILANCE hotline or online customer service if you need to customize the sealing and cutting shrink, film heat shrink, or molding machine.

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