Pharmaceutical packaging line foreign customers choose automatic packaging line

Author:VILANCE PACK Click: Time:2022-04-26 15:32:33

As we all know, the high cost of labor abroad, often have to introduce advanced equipment to replace the high cost of labor. The secret of this provincial labor is to invite VILANCE to purchase the fully automated packaging assembly line again.

This equipment focuses on automatic sealing and cutting heat shrinkable packaging machine, automatic sealing machine and automatic unmanned strapping machine of product sealing film respectively. All the equipment is automatic induction packaging and can connect the front assembly line.

These 3 kinds of artificial equipment are indispensable for new medical enterprises to enter foreign countries.

Because the front section is artificial tube insertion, according to customer demand, whether in the sealing and cutting shrinkage machine or sealing and packaging equipment, the speed is not quickly adjusted.

The above equipment, in addition to saving labor, but also meet the characteristics of energy saving, moisture-proof, dust-proof and sealing.

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