Suction automatic packing machine carton automatic packing line

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Absorbing automatic packing machine carton automatic packing assembly line: Nowadays, the environment faced by Chinese enterprises has undergone great changes. The degree of market opening is getting higher and higher, competition is becoming more and more fierce, labor and other business costs are getting higher and higher, and Chinese enterprises are under more and more pressure to assume social responsibilities. In this context, how can enterprises survive in the market by means of high quality, low cost and rapid response, and achieve sustained high growth? These problems for China's industrial automation equipment to provide different market demand, but also promote the application of China's automated packaging line market increasingly mature.

Weighing instrument, is the use of Hooke's law or force lever balance principle to determine the mass of objects, widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, scientific research, medical and health departments. At present, weighing products are developing towards the direction of digitization, integration and intelligence, and the market prospect is broad. A guangdong weighing instrument group is the world's leading and largest supplier of home weighing instruments, committed to providing customers with quality measurement solutions. The weighing instrument group introduced the automatic packaging assembly line of Goerqi to improve efficiency and increase cost by optimizing the production process.

VILLANCE automatic packaging line is composed of unpacking machine, packing machine, automatic folding and sealing machine and automatic packing machine, which can replace manual unpacking, packing, sealing and packing. With the production line, on the one hand, the unpacking machine automatically unpacking, on the other hand, several groups of machines at the same time for packing, packed cartons are sent into the folding and sealing machine by the conveyor belt, automatic sealing, and then through the automatic packing machine binding, can be shipped, the whole assembly line, now realize unmanned packaging.

This automatic packaging line, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency, save labor, the speed of packing can reach 3 cases/min. In the past, each line was packed with 2 workers. With the addition of other positions such as unpacking, sealing and packing, the whole assembly line can replace about 5 to 6 workers after it is put into use. In terms of workers' salary alone, based on the current salary of front-line employees, it is equivalent to the salary cost of more than 20,000 yuan per month. In other words, this automatic packaging equipment developed by VILANCE can save the company more than 20,000 yuan per month. At the same time, the standard and beautiful packaging, but also for the product added value, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise market.

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