Heat shrink packaging machine manufacturers launched a new way of electronic packaging!

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No manual bagging, no manual sealing and cutting, no manual thermal shrinkage can complete the automatic packaging of customers' goods in 1 second, have you used it? In order to realize this function, a new electronic packaging method has been developed.

On June 21, firm march full automatic sealing and cutting the contraction project officially opening in shenzhen xiang who technology co., LTD., in the future to store consumers online shopping and consumers to buy network card, HUB, and mobile digital video converter (bluetooth, TYPE - C, multiple interface digital charger) and other electronic equipment to the packing of the products will be taken on a new look.

It is understood that at present a lot of heat shrinkable packaging vendors would recommend using the mainstream mode of product packaging, sealing and cutting way of thermal shrinkage, and the birth of the fully automated equipment, makes more convenient forms of packaging, many companies, such as the beauty of jay advertising superiorly happy milk tea, unified enterprise, want want food such as hot are custom made firm the march automatic sealing and cutting contract project.

Enterprise status quo

Shenzhen Xiangfan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional r & D, production, sales and service of computer peripheral (network card, HUB, video converter) and mobile digital (Bluetooth, Type-c, multi-interface digital charger) products manufacturer and e-commerce supplier.

Because production quantity is big, involve the production of electronic style variety, xiang technology co., LTD. In order to improve the image of the product, quality and production volume, prevent product nestlings, damage happened in transit, reduce cause unpleasant consumer experience, therefore they consulted heat shrinkable packaging vendors would firm gemany, ultimately chose contract full automatic sealing and cutting equipment.

The solution

Fully automatic equipment, to achieve unmanned packaging

Considering that the enterprise produces a wide range of electronic equipment, electronic components, multi-functional mobile phone chargers, plug technology development, hardware, plastic production and processing, and LED equipment. Heat shrink packaging machine manufacturers in order to meet the use of a number of production lines and a variety of product sizes and specifications packaging, in each production using fully automated edge sealing machine and heat shrink packaging machine VL-5590C+VS-5030LW, using photoelectric automatic detection of products, automatic unmanned packaging, high efficiency, Suitable for different sizes and shapes of different packaging types of products, packaging production per hour of 2000-2500 pieces.

Products rely on strength, also rely on the face

Because there are many different kinds of products, the size of the box shell packaging, for example, intelligent charging has a circular template, also have a rectangle, have relatively large equipment product outer packing, double protection for products, firm the march against its characteristic chose contraction automatic sealing and cutting machine, with beautiful contraction, rapid, saving manpower, high efficiency as standard, With the characteristics of simple operation, economic durability, safety and low failure rate, Xiangfan's products from the inside out, beautiful.

Thermal shrinkage technology enhances product packaging flexibility

Heat shrink packaging machine manufacturers found that now the use of heat seal cut shrink packaging machine manufacturers more and more, its advantages and packaging effect has been more and more people recognized.

Heat shrinkable film packaging has the flexibility to suit different specifications, especially the product cluster packaging of small specifications.

Meet a variety of specifications, safe and efficient

VILANCE automatic sealing and cutting after the pipeline scheme can be suitable for packaging a variety of types of products with different sizes and switches, when the packaging size changes, there is no need to change the mold and bag maker, only manual adjustment, and the sealing knife with automatic protection, can effectively prevent miscutting packaging.

Xiang Fan person in charge of the introduction of this automatic sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging line, in fact, is to improve the entire production line automation process. After calculation, compared with the original manual packaging, this automatic sealing and cutting, automatic shrinkage can greatly reduce the input of manual, automatic operation at the same time, but also avoid the waste of film,

Automatic shrink packing machine's unique design concept provides a safe work environment, packaging process heat shrinkable packaging vendors would not only take into account the safe reliability of commodity packaging, but also improves the production efficiency of the total, meet a variety of market scale of production line, also ensure the security of electronic packaging, cut off from the damage in product transportation, Provide intimate protection for products, for enterprises to solve the worries.

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