Transport, storage and packaging of books: heat shrinkable envelop

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The packaging of books has always been a problem. How can books and texts be preserved for longer? From carving on stone walls in ancient times, to bamboo slips later, finally, ancient Chinese people invented printing. Modern people think of using VILANCE's heat shrinkable packaging machine in Shenzhen to wrap the film.

Writing and books are the treasures of human civilization. With written records of books, people can travel through time and space to appreciate the development of human civilization.

However, the preservation of books and characters is a big problem. It is difficult for books to keep their original appearance in the process of transportation and storage. At this time, people must think of some packaging methods to prevent books from being damaged by external factors.

VILANCE has been used for book packaging for several years. The heat shrinkable machine can compress a book individually or pack many books together.

The benefits of VILANCE heat shrink machine: After wrapping a POF film with the heat shrink machine, books can be wrapped perfectly, and the POF density is 0.925g/cm3; The density of water is 1.0x10 ³㎏/m³. So the heat shrinkable film has high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress. Mainly used for the sale and transportation of various products, used to stabilize, cover and protect products. Shrink packaging not only beautiful appearance, but also play a moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-loose, anti-theft, collection role.

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