At present, the packaging industry of heat shrinkable film packaging machine is a widely used industry for plastic products.

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At present, the packaging industry of heat shrinkable film packaging machine is a widely used industry for plastic products, including various packaging films such as cling film, mechanical substrate film, heat shrinkable film, barrier film, and various packaging utensils such as yogurt bottles and food cans. . Since food is directly related to the health of consumers, the requirements for packaging materials are also relatively high. In addition to the basic characteristics of anti-breathing, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, puncture-resistant, and transparent, it is also required to have a good effect on volatiles (such as the aroma of food). Barrier properties, oil resistance of the inner layer, mechanical convenience of the outer layer, high heat sealing strength, etc.

The application of heat shrinkable film packaging machine machinery in the packaging industry According to the production process of plastic products, plastic machinery can be divided into four categories: plastic compounding machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic secondary processing machinery and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or devices. Plastic compounding machinery is used in the manufacture of various forms of plastic compounds, including kneaders, plastic mixers (open mills and internal mixers), pelletizers, screening machines, crushers, and grinders. Plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic primary processing machinery, is used for the molding of plastic semi-finished products or products, including compression molding machines, injection molding machines, extrusion molding machines, blow molding machines, calendering machines, rotational molding machines, foaming machines, etc.

Plastic secondary processing machinery is used for the reprocessing and post-processing of plastic semi-finished products or products, including thermoforming machines, heat shrinkable film packaging machines, etc. Metalworking machines are also commonly used for secondary processing of plastics. Auxiliary machinery or devices for plastic processing are used to rationalize the plastic processing process, including automatic metering and feeding devices, automatic scrap recycling devices, automatic removal devices for injection molding products, rapid replacement devices for injection molds, injection mold cooling machines, automatic thickness measuring devices and raw materials Transportation and storage equipment, etc. Such auxiliary machinery or devices have become an indispensable part of the automation of modern plastic processing processes.

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