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shrink pack machine improve towel, toothpaste and other dail

Towel industry can be said to be a long-term development of the industry, of course, it also has different grades, an ordinary towel may be a one dollar, but a good quality towels may takes ten times of that price. How to improve the quality of towels? Mainly improving on towel design and packaging, not only it could improve product quality, but also can keep the towel from dust and pollution, more secure and convenient in the transport process.
Towel packing machine

Consumers are generally little concerned about it, like Jie Yu towel, flexibility and dehydration is very good, stacked Jie Yu towel with very good packing result after shrink wrapped by VILANCEPACK shrink film wrapper machine .as the popular use of shrink wrapper machine in the daily necessities industry, the packaging processing technology is relatively mature, shrink machine has been to constant meet the needs of enterprise within the industry.
Towel packing machine

 VILANCEPACK automatic towel sealing and shrinking machine, the entire assembly line to achieve unmanned automated packaging, convenient and simple. This automatic towel shrink machine can reach 40-60 / minute, uninterrupted production per hour can reach 2400-3600 piece. This set towel shrinking process has been approved by the boss of Jie Yu due to the expense saving and 2-3 operators reduced ,as well as production Efficiency greatly improved, he recommend this equipment to his friends.

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