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What is the corner edge carton sealer like when it is 90 °?

The corner edge scarton sealer uses instant tape to seal the cartons with eight corners and four sides parallel to the forward direction. it is economical and fast, easy to operate and easy to maintain, arbitrarily adjusts cartons of different sizes, and seals the boxes smoothly, standardized and beautiful. complete the sealing action of four sides at the same time. 
The fully automatic corner edge scarton sealer is usually used in conjunction with the one-shaped box scarton sealer to complete the upper and lower font and four-corner scarton sealer by turning the angle through the 90-degree angle machine, so it is also called the I-shaped box scarton sealer.

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After the product is boxed, it is sent to the sealing machine through the conveyor chain (belt, roller) and submitted to the box conveying mechanism. The box belt clamps the two sides of the carton and moves forward. 
The front short tongue is automatically bent by the tongue pressing rack, and the rear short tongue is automatically bent by the tongue holder when the carton enters the supporting roller of the sealing machine, a detection signal (photoelectric signal) notifies the action of the tongue cylinder, and the tongue holder bends it, and a signal informs the glue melting machine to spray glue automatically. 
The carton continues to move forward, and the left and right long tongues automatically bend to the middle through the guide bar, while pressing the box mechanism belt, pressing the left and right long tongues of the carton synchronously, so that the box, tongue and glue are glued together to complete the action of sealing and shaping the carton, that is, the last process of product packaging-- automatic sealing.

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