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Working principle of l bar sealer and shrink tunnel

The working principle of l bar sealer and shrink tunnel: 
The working principle of l bar sealer and shrink tunnel is simpler and easier to understand than those larger packaging equipment such as shrinkage machine. 
When the packaging of the heat-shrinkable film article is placed on the heat-sealed film conveyor belt, the sealing part of the bag is automatically sent between the two sealing belts running the heat-shrinking gun and brought into the heating zone, and the heat of the heating block is transferred to the sealing part of the bag through the sealing belt, so that the film is heated and softened, and then through the cooling zone, the surface temperature of the film is properly reduced, and then rolled through the knurled wheel or printing wheel. 
L bar tunnel
The plastic film above and below the sealing part is glued and pressed to produce a mesh pattern or a printed mark, and then the sealed bag is sent out of the machine by the guide rubber belt and the conveyor belt, and the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine is used to complete the sealing. 
The component part of the l bar sealer and shrink tunnel is composed of the frame, the transmission mechanism that slows down the speed regulation, the printing mechanism when sealing, the conveying device and the electrical and electronic control system and so on. 

L bar tunnel
After the l bar sealer and shrink tunnel is powered on, each mechanism can start to work, the electric heating element is heated after electricity, the temperature of the upper and lower heating parts rises sharply, and the temperature of the system can be controlled to the required temperature, and the imprint wheel rotates. According to the need, the cooling system starts to cool, the conveyor belt is sent and turned, and the speed regulation device is adjusted to the desired speed. 
The l bar sealer and shrink tunnel adopts electronic self-selecting precision temperature controller, sealing and printing can be completed automatically at one time, and any kind of hot film can be sealed. 
L bar tunnel
l bar sealer and shrink tunnel is the development and application of modern technology, easy to operate, using fine polytetrafluoroethylene coated sealing belt. 
Nowadays, no matter in various fields such as heat-sealed film food, cosmetics, clothing and shoes, or in other fields such as heat-sealed film chemical industry, electrical appliances, medicine, leaves, dairy products, beverages and so on, with the development of the times, l bar sealer and shrink tunnels have been widely used in the market. it has attracted more and more attention in the market.

heat tunnel shrink wrap machine

Description of L-type sealing and cutting machine: 
Frequency converter speed regulation, two-stage bottle feeding device. 
The whole action of pushing bottle and heat sealing and cutting adopts pneumatic mechanism. 
The induction switch controls the length of the film. 
Touch screen and PLC control system greatly increase the reliability of equipment operation. 
Double air circulation fan to ensure the balance of temperature in the shrinking furnace. 
Super large air volume cooling system ensures rapid setting. 
High temperature resistant glass fiber Teflon conveying mesh belt, stable transportation and wear resistance. 
Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation mesh belt conveying mechanism. 
The height of the conveyor belt can be made according to the user's requirements, and the adjustment range is ±50mm. 
The feeding direction of the bottle feeder meets the requirements of users, which can be extended or shortened. 
Wing-shaped stainless steel heating system, durable. 
A shelf device to meet the needs of a short pause of the product to ensure the continuous operation of the production line.

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