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What are the specific characteristics of the carton erector

Degree of automation: automatic carton sealer can complete carton forming-discount-tape sealing. 
Realize the unmanned carton forming work. 
Scope of use: automatic carton sealer can use a variety of sizes, a wide range of applications. 
High stability: automatic carton sealer through years of development, the current equipment performance is stable, the failure rate is low. 
Easy to operate: the automatic box opener adopts PLC+ touch screen control, which is easy to operate and easy to learn. 
The efficiency is beautiful and firm: the sealing effect of the automatic box opener is beautiful and firm. 
It is an indispensable equipment to improve the product image and protect the product packaging. 
These are the five advantages of the automatic box opener, which makes it more widely used. 
But how do we buy a suitable automatic box opener equipment? 
The following Dereike editor would like to share some selection tips: 
1. Quality. 
The stability of equipment quality is the selection factor of automatic box opener, a stable operation of automatic box opener, can help enterprises to greatly improve production efficiency, so in the choice, we must understand the manufacturer's production strength and technical strength. 
2. After-sales service. 
We all know that even the best equipment will have breakdowns, and it is particularly important for all automatic unpacking machine manufacturers to choose a professional after-sales service team. 
3. Performance-to-price ratio. 
At present, there are many automatic box openers in the market, some prices are very low, some prices are very high, those who choose the right equipment must not be greedy for low-cost equipment, but the high price is not necessarily good, all enterprises in the choice, must need a comparison of goods.

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