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Introduction to the working principle of carton erector

Suction link. 
The first step in the work of the carton erector is the suction link. When the user puts the made flat carton into the hopper, the opening opportunity will use his own sucker to absorb the carton in the hopper. When the suction is closed, there will be a backward pulling force. The role of this force is the step of sucking the flat carton into a carton. 
At the bottom. 
When the first step of the opening machine is completed, the carton has been basically formed, and what needs to be done is the work of folding the bottom, which is similar to the folding principle of the folding and sealing machine, and the equipment will first convert the two short edges of the bottom of the carton into the long edge. so the whole bottom work is over. 
Back cover. 
Compared with the first two steps, the work of opening the bottom of the box machine is very simple. Its principle is the same as that of the standard box sealing machine. It is driven by the sealing belt to drive the carton forward. In the process of moving, the equipment will seal the bottom of the carton with sealing tape and transport it to the next working area. 
The above is the introduction of the working principle of the automatic carton erector, it seems that there are only three simple steps, but the real realization requires the close cooperation of all aspects of the equipment. The unpacking size range, unpacking speed, bottom sealing effect and machine stability all have high technical requirements. Only by ensuring these factors can normal unpacking operation be realized.

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