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Automatic sealing machine

Automatic sealing machine

After all, with the development of machine sealing machine, the efficiency of machine sealing is lower than that of machine sealing in 24 hours.
The following is a brief introduction to the simple operation of the sealing machine:
carton sealing machine

The sealing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses tape to seal the carton. It can realize automatic conveying, automatic sealing, and automatic cutting of the tape. For the folding cover automatic sealing machine, it can also automatically fold the upper cover. However, no matter what kind of sealing machine is, how wide can the widest tape be filled in the sealing machine? The belt width of the automatic sealing machine There are two decisive factors: cutter and belt guide roller. The cutter determines the width of the tape that can be cut, but it does not mean that the cutter must be able to cut as wide as possible.
In fact, the narrower cutter can also cut the wider tape, but it will leave a little bit of tape head in the process of cutting, which will affect the overall appearance.
Therefore, it is recommended to communicate with the supplier to replace the larger blade if a wider tape needs to be cut. Also, need some friends can understand why the width of the tape is decided by the tape guide roller? In fact, the whole process of the tape from the tape of the automatic sealing machine to the carton is not directly adhered to. It is only after the tape is smoothly exported by several guide rollers that the tape is glued to the carton. After bonding, the corresponding tape guide roller will smooth the tape on the carton. Therefore, the width of the tape will also be determined by the belt guide roller to a certain extent.


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