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How to apply the carton sealer to e-commerce express deliver


The box sealing machine is a machine that uses transparent tape to pack the carton. Its main power is that the motor drives the leather belt to transfer the carton, thus allowing the carton to contact the sealer, so as to complete the sealing of the carton. The packing machine is usually used by the factory to pack products, but now with the popularization of global e-commerce, the sealing machine has been applied to express packaging.
carton sealer
In the same way, the express packing machine is also sealed with the same adhesive tape, some as long as a piece of tape, some relatively heavy express parts need to be packaged twice, if these jobs are for people to do, one is low work efficiency, two costs are high, all the sealing machines will replace the manual to pack the express delivery. It can be used together with a labeling machine to make it easier for e-commerce practitioners to pack and deliver goods.

cartoon sealer


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