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Automatic shrink packaging machine Four characteristics


First, because the power consumption of the automatic shrink packaging machine is very high, the power of the input power supply should be greater than the standard power of the shrink machine, otherwise it is easy to burn out the circuit or electrical components. 
Second, when the voltage of the automatic shrink packaging machine is specified as a three-phase 380V power supply, the zero line, that is, the standard three-phase and four-wire must be input at the same time; otherwise, the machine will not work properly and the internal electrical components will be easily burned. 
Shrinkage machine
Which is the best automatic shrink packaging machine? 
Third, when the automatic shrink packaging machine is used continuously for a long time, the heat-resistant wire in the shrinkage room should be checked and replaced according to the aging degree. 
Fourth, after packaging, first turn off the heating switch, let the conveying motor and fan motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the whole power supply.


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