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Mobile pallet wrapping machine

Mobile pallet wrapping machine

The mobile pallet wrapping machine can be used for automatic on-line shrinking packaging of products, using photoelectric to detect the products automatically, selecting two modes of automatic feeding or manual feeding, using half-folded film and sealing the other three sides. 
mobile pallet

The constant temperature heating sealing and cutting system can be used to seal and cut various industrial standard heat sealing films such as PE, PVC, POF and so on. 
The sealing is firm and beautiful, especially suitable for POF sealing and cutting. When changing the product size, you only need to make a simple adjustment through the handwheel, and there is no need to replace any parts, which reduces the product replacement time and makes it easier to operate. 
The adjustable front-end feeding system and the back-end storage working platform make the whole machine movement truly high-speed and unmanned automatic operation.
mobile pallet wrapping machine
Matters needing attention of mobile pallet wrapping machine for mobile phone box product technical parameters: 
Product model: DL-6030D+DS6040. 
Packing speed: 6Mui 12 / min. 
Packing size: W + H ≤ 900mm. 
Use gas source: 6kg/ cubic centimeter. 
High current: 10A. 
Sealing tool size / furnace cavity size: 1000mm. 
Net weight: 500kg. 
Power: 4kw. 
Power supply: 220amp 380V, 3mm, 50-60Hz. 
Machine size: L1600 × W1400 × H1700mm. 
Technical parameters of shrink packaging machine: 
Machine model: GPS-6040. 
Furnace cavity size: L1800 × W600 × H400mm. 
Packing size: L1500 × W550 × H330mm. 
Packing speed: 20-60 pieces / min. 
High temperature: 250 ℃. 
Machine weight: 700kg. 
High power: 20kw. 
Power source: 220amp 380V, 3mm, 50-60Hz. 
Machine size: L2800 × W1100 × H11720mm. 
The following are the characteristics of this combined machine: 
The fully automatic bilateral sealing and cutting machine is a new type of automatic sealing and cutting machine which adopts advanced high-speed edge sealing technology and is developed according to the large-scale packaging. the machine edge sealing device begins to heat seal the upper and lower two films with good sealing effect and excellent sealing strength; it is suitable for the packaging of heavy and large goods, and the length of the package is unlimited and can be infinitely long. 
Matters needing attention of mobile pallet wrapping machine for mobile phone box product features: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The bilateral sealing method is adopted, which has the advantages of firm sealing and good effect. 
2. Suitable for packing heavy and large items. 
3. The height of the sealing line can be adjusted according to the height of the product. 
4. the length of the package is unlimited and can be infinitely long. 
5. Adopt advanced control components. 
6. Suitable for POF and PE shrink film


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