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Selection and purchase skills of Case erector

purchase skills of Case erector

Nowadays, with the rapid development of industrial automation, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of cartons, manual unpacking has been unable to meet, so there are more and more factories to buy high-speed unpacking machines instead of manual. 
The speed of the Case erector is much faster than the ordinary one. The speed of the ordinary box opener on the market is generally about 12-18 boxes per minute, while our Case erector can reach 30-50 boxes per minute. From the comparison between the two, we can see that the Case erector can bring a lot of more efficient production capacity for enterprises. 
Case erector
So do you know what are the tips for the selection and purchase of Case erectors? 
The editor would like to introduce to you: 
Selection and purchase skills of Case erector: 
1. The size of the carton. 
Although the size of the Case erector can be adjusted, the range of adjustment is limited and not infinitely adjustable, so users need to provide the size of the carton. 
2. Unpacking efficiency. 
This is an issue that all users are more concerned about, and the confirmation of this technical index will determine which high-speed unpacking machine users should choose. 
3. The speed of changing cartons. 
In principle, Case erectors generally open cartons of the same specification frequently. If users have a large variety of cartons but a very small number of cartons, it is not recommended to use a fully automatic carton opener, or you can choose several cartons with a large number of cartons for automatic unpacking, which can greatly improve work efficiency. 
4. Matching with other equipment. 
This is not a particularly clear condition, because the back end of the Case erector needs to cooperate with different equipment, the matters that need to be paid attention to are also different. 
Case erector
5. Quality of after-sales service. 
Service is an important factor in the selection and purchase of equipment, good service quality can ensure the stability of customer follow-up equipment use, so that enterprises can ensure greater production benefits. 
The content introduced above is the selection and purchase skills of Case erector. 
In order to effectively ensure that the selected Case erector can meet all your needs, when purchasing a Case erector, you must have a detailed understanding of the Case erector according to your own actual situation, so that you can choose the equipment that is suitable for you.


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