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Automatic toy Carton Sealer


The automatic Carton Sealer of the toy factory can continuously use the functions of automatic opening, automatic sealing, automatic packing and so on. The realization of this function greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. 
The machine has a wide range of applications and has been used in many fields. 
The fully automatic toy sealing machine occupies a small area, the operation is very simple and practical, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high stability and so on. 
The great advantage of automatic toy sealing machine is that it greatly reduces people's labor force, thus reducing the production cost of enterprises.

In the process of using the automatic Carton Sealer in the toy factory, the first consideration is the service life of the equipment, the performance-to-price ratio of the Carton Sealer is very high, how to prolong its service life, it is very important. 
So how to prolong the service life of automatic toy sealing machine? 
Generally speaking, the service life of the automatic sealing machine in the toy factory is related to its own quality, but it is not only the ex-factory quality of the sealing machine that affects the service life of the sealing machine, but also the maintenance work in the later stage of the sealing machine can not be ignored. 
Regular refueling and lubrication of the automatic sealing machine in the toy factory: the important point in the correct use of the automatic toy sealing machine is that after the packaging work is finished, you should first turn off the heating switch and let the conveying motor and fan motor continue to run for about 10 minutes. and then cut off the whole power supply. 
When the fully automatic toy sealing machine is used, put the products to be shrunk together first, after the first pass, there will be a film falling on the items to be packaged, but the effect of the packaging is not very good at this time, and the effect will be very good after passing the second pass. 
Such as food, beer outside the plastic film packaging, the packaging appearance is very beautiful. 
The automatic Carton Sealer of the toy factory can also be matched with the disinfection dryer to form a complete set of equipment for packing bowls and chopsticks.


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