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Case erector working principle


Introduction to the working principle of automatic Case erector do you know anything about automatic Case erector? 
Its main function is that it is used to connect the packaging line, so it is more popular for many customers. 
Today is mainly about his principle: box machine movement collection box, forming, folding cover, back cover as a whole. 
Flat carton storage tank (can store 100carton), Chuck to suck the carton from the trough, from the carton, then fold and cover, and finally complete the tape backup. 
The whole action is completed automatically and controlled by touch screen. 
If there is an early alarm of material shortage, the safety device will not be stopped automatically. 
Greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce the labor intensity of production and workers, automated large-scale production equipment is essential. 
Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, dairy products, beverages, electronics and other fields. 
Classification of box machine: vertical box machine (speed 12 cases / min). 
The medium speed of KB-40, is 18 frames per minute. 
DK-40H18) horizontal box machine (25 boxes / min medium. 
DK-40H25, highway 40 boxes / min. 
DK-40H40) sealing machine is used in the tape automatic sealing, fast, easy to adjust, and can complete, under the sealing action, can also be used for printing tape, but also improve the image of the product, is the first choice of automatic packaging enterprises. 
The drive motor of the key parts of the sealing machine. 
The greater the power of the motor, the better. 
Side belt drive, seal narrow cartons; upper and lower belt drive, suitable for high cartons. 
Sealing machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for household appliances, textile, food, daily necessities, pharmaceutical, light industry, chemical and other industries and other industries of product packaging, sealing, can be sealed separately, but also with the packaging machine assembly line, equipment standard packaging assembly line operation.


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