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Tape Case erector

Tape Case erector

Box opener is a kind of packaging machine, automatic packaging machine includes folding cover sealing machine, automatic packing machine, gift box opener, PP belt automatic packing machine, automatic palletizer, sword-wearing pallet bundling, stretching film winding packaging machine and so on. 
Other packaging machine series include, three-dimensional packaging, heat-shrinkable packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, bagging packaging machine, cuff packaging machine, horizontal bagging machine, vertical bagging machine, automatic Cartoning machine, color box sealing machine, automatic folding box forming machine, bag heat shrinking machine, etc. We in Guangzhou Xinda provide stand-alone equipment and high-quality machine consumables for packaging at various stations, and specialize in the planning, design and manufacture of the whole factory agreement automatic packaging line. 
3D scheme diagram and animation demonstration to provide annual maintenance service for the whole factory packaging equipment.

The tape opener, also known as the carton forming and bottom sealing machine, is the equipment that first forms the carton through the equipment and then seals the bottom with tape. The machine can not only be used on a single machine, but also can be used with the automatic transmission line. It is one of the indispensable equipment for packaging in the back of the enterprise. 
The structure of the machine is relatively simple, but there will also be some problems in the process of use. The following Xinda mechanical editor will introduce to you the reason why the tape of the tape sealing machine is not tight. 
1. The stickiness of the tape is too small. 
The stickiness of the tape determines the strength of its adhesion to the carton. If the quality of the tape is poor, it is conceivable that it is unstable when it is glued to the carton. 
The quality of the tape is not good, and the viscosity on the tape book is the most direct manifestation of the sealing effect. It is suggested that the quality of the tape should be better when using the unpacking machine, and the width of the tape should be determined according to the size of the carton. When the carton is large, the width of the tape should be wider, because the width of the carton determines the tension on both sides of the carton. 
The stickiness of the tape with a smaller width can not resist the tension of the carton so that the tape will crack. 
2. The tension spring of the movement is loose. 
The movement tension spring controls the tightness of the movement. If the movement tension spring is too loose, then the movement has less smoothing power for the tape, and the tape will appear in a non-tight state. 
The tension spring of the rubber roller of the sealing machine is loose, and the tension spring of the rubber roller determines the pressure of the tape on the carton. The greater the tension of the spring, the greater the pressure of the cots on the tape and the carton, the higher the tightness of the tape and the carton.


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