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Is it true that the speed of the plane box folding machine c

box folding machine

Aircraft box folding machine is a special equipment for aircraft box folding, also known as paper box folding machine, the general aircraft box folding machine speed is 10-15 per minute, if the size of the carton is relatively large, the speed may be slower. 
Some customers asked, their needs are relatively large, this speed may not be able to meet what to do, is the speed of aircraft box folding machine just like this? 
Box folding machine. 

 box folding machine
A: no. 
The speed of the aircraft box folding machine is determined by the structure of the machine itself, so if the speed is high, you can choose the high-speed aircraft box folding machine, which has a speed of 25-30 per minute. 
The characteristics of high-speed aircraft box folding machine are as follows: 
Using pull-down structure, it is convenient to add cardboard. 
Faster and more efficient, suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises or e-commerce industry. 
Simple operation, strong stability, one-button control of the control panel.


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