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What are the requirements for carton size for different type

carton size for different types of sealing machines

The sealing machine is a kind of post-packing equipment for sealing the carton up and down through the machine. in the process of use, we all know that the sealing machine has certain requirements for the size of the carton, and it can only be adjusted within a certain range. but it's not unlimited. 
Therefore, if the carton is too large or too small, it is not possible to seal the carton automatically. 
Do you know what the size of the carton is required by different types of sealing machines? 
The following VILANCE Automation editor introduces you:cartoon sealer

The requirements for carton size of different types of sealing machines are as follows: 
1. One-character box sealing machine: 
This type of sealing machine for size is not strict, the general length of more than 150mm on the line, only the width and height requirements, generally not more than 500 to 500, the size of small cartons are about 150*150mm. 
Now customers require more e-commerce sealing machine can achieve the minimum size of 90*90mm. 
2. Automatic folding and sealing machine: 
The folding cover sealing machine has requirements for all dimensions of the carton, the general length range is 200mm-600mm, the width range is 150mm-500mm, the height range is 150mm-500mm, this is the size range of the standard machine, beyond this range can be non-standard customized. 
3. Corner edge sealing machine: 
Corner edge sealing machine for carton size restrictions are more stringent, generally length range is 340-700mm, width range is 200-500mm, height range is generally 180mm-500mm, this is the range of standard machine, the minimum size of e-commerce corner edge sealing machine can reach 190*120*100mm. 
If the carton is out of range, it can be customized non-standard. 
4. I-shaped box sealing machine: 
I-shaped sealing machine is a combination of one-shaped sealing machine and corner-edge sealing machine, so the scope of application of its carton should take into account the size of one-font and corner-edge sealing machine. 
The content introduced above is the requirements for carton size of different types of sealing machine. when enterprises choose the sealing machine, they can choose the machine that is suitable for their own carton size according to their own actual situation. only in this way can we give better play to the real effect of the sealing machine.


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