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What are the types of cooking oil packing machines

cooking oil packing machines

Cooking oil is a necessity that we often use in our daily life. Without it in every meal, we will feel that we have no appetite. 
As an enterprise producing this kind of products, the daily production efficiency must be huge, so the automation of the back packaging assembly line of edible oil is also the focus of the enterprise, especially the self. 
Because of its large weight, fast frequency and high labor intensity to the operators, few employees are willing to apply for this station, resulting in the production efficiency of the enterprise can not be comprehensive. 
Play; at present, with the development of automation technology, according to our experience in cooking oil packaging line planning, there are several types of packing equipment that can realize automatic packing of edible oil.

The first type is to use the robot as the carrier and design the corresponding fixture matching robot program to realize the automatic packing of edible oil. the production line of this type is generally business-to-business production line. 
The positioning is high, or the sample production demonstration line is planned; robot brands are selected according to the budget funds of the enterprise: domestic brands can choose Guangzhou CNC or imported brands such as ABB, Kuka, etc. 
Robot packing machine has a great advantage of small footprint, high efficiency, long life and strong adaptability, which is very favorable for use in the edible oil production line with limited space; at the same time, it can be eaten at the same time. 
After the oil production enterprise changes the product packaging size in the later stage, the enterprise only needs to redesign and change the fixture, it can be put into use again, and the added value is high; the product type suitable for edible oil: 300ML, 
500ML, 5L and other bottled edible oils are packed automatically by robots. 
Edible oil drop packing machine. 
This type of packing machine makes use of the gravity characteristics of the product and falls into the formed carton through the influence of gravity in a horizontal position, and the packing machine designed with this kind of structure is generally suitable. 
It is used in the edible oil production line of small enterprises, the production efficiency is about 1500 bottles per hour, one bottle, two bottles, four bottles, etc.; at the same time, it can also be used for special soft bag packaging. 
Drop packing; the whole equipment has the advantages of low input cost and quick return; it is an excellent choice for enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity. 
Translational packing machine for edible oil. 
This type of packing equipment uses a mechanism to translate the product from one position to another, and then drop it into the inside of the carton; the mobile mechanism can be divided into sprocket type edible oil packing machine. 
The difference between the two kinds of equipment is that the sprocket type edible oil packing machine adopts the chain basin structure design, which can fill five or even six boxes of products at a time, which is very suitable for. 
It is used by large enterprises with high production efficiency of edible oil, while the servo type edible oil packing machine uses servo motor with precision linear guide to move the box back and forth, one to three boxes at a time, which is suitable for every hour. 
2000-2500 bottles of edible oil is used by enterprises, and it is suitable for multi-specification products at the same time. You only need to replace the head of the packing machine.


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