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What should I pay attention to when installing carton sealer

installing carton sealersealer

With the development of the packaging industry, the carton sealing machine is also produced and put into the assembly line operation. It is a kind of sealing packaging machine for cartons, which can be used alone or matched with the assembly line. So what do you need to pay attention to when it is installed? 
Let's ask the editor of VILANCE to introduce it to you. 
1. First, put the carton sealer on the horizontal ground, lock the brake casters, adjust the tripod to a suitable height, so that the machine seat is in a horizontal position. 
2. Put the carton needed to seal the carton on the conveying table of carton sealer: a, adjust the lifting handle so that the conveying bottom plane of the adhesive belt head seat is lower than the height of the carton about 3-5mm; B, loosen the locking handwheel, adjust the conveying bar, make the conveying stick close to the carton, and then lock the handwheel; C, adjust the carton positioning wheel so that the carton positioning wheel and the conveying clamp stick are close to the carton at the same time, and then lock the handwheel. 
3. Turn on the power switch to make the machine work, and then push it into the carton to seal the carton. If you find that the tape of the upper and lower sealing box is loose and tight, adjust the knob of the belt cylinder seat (generally, if the tape is too tight, then relax the spring pressure; if the tape is too loose, then tighten the spring pressure). 
4. If the length of the two ends of the sealing tape is not consistent, adjust the cutting blade in the tape head (generally long head and short tail, adjust the cutting blade, loosen the locking screw of the cutting blade, move the cutter out a little bit, then lock the screw, otherwise, the head is short and the tail is long. Move the cutter in a little bit).


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