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shrink wrapping machine for bottles

shrink wrapping machine for bottles

shrink wrapping machine can shrink bottles, there is no doubt that all bottles can shrink, in fact, shrinkage machine is not so omnipotent, will also be subject to some restrictions. 
So which bottle can be shrunk by the shrink wrapping machine? 
How do you shrink the bottle? 
Meg will explain it to you. 
The bottle mouth shrinkage packaging machine mainly uses PVC or POF shrinkage film to wrap the bottle mouth, label or bottle body, which is heated by the shrinkage furnace to make the shrinkage film shrink and wrap tightly, so as to achieve the desired shrinkage packaging effect. 
The heat shrinkage machine can not only be used alone, but also can be used together on various filling lines. The bottle mouth shrinkage packaging is especially suitable for the shrinkage of bottle body labels or bottle caps, such as cold and hot drinks. 
Beverages can shrink the mouth and body of the bottle, and if you need to shrink before or after filling, you can also add a pre-positioning device to make the position of the shrinkage label more accurate.

shrink wrapping machine

Which bottle mouths can be packed by the bottle mouth shrink packaging machine? 
The general filling products are made of glass, plastic and ceramics, and the rubber caps are basically made of plastic. 
The shrinkage of the bottle mouth is mainly made of POF film, depending on the size of the bottle. 
Our bottle mouth shrinking machine has a width of 150mm and a height of 400mm. It can shrink and pack bottles with a diameter less than 120mm and a height less than 400mm. 
If the customer's bottle is of special shape and the size is not within the range of the standard machine, you need to contact our sales staff to customize it. We McGonagall provide customized models for special products.


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