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How to use the Carton sealing machine

use the Carton sealing machine

Box sealing machine, used for carton packing. 
Not only can work in a single box, but also can be equipped with carton forming packing machine, unpacking machine, baling machine, delivery machine and so on for assembly line operation. 
Professional consumer winding machine, sealing machine is also the dark horse of the industry. 
The main sealing machines are left and right drive semi-automatic sealing machine, fully automatic self-adaptive folding cover sealing machine, up and down driving semi-automatic sealing machine, semi-automatic folding sealing machine, I-shaped sealing machine, notebook computer sealing machine and so on.

carton sealers
It is suitable for light cartons, driven by belts on both sides, and the upper and lower boxes are sealed quickly and smoothly. 
Automatic adjustment of width and height according to different specifications, easy to operate. 
Instant adhesive tape can be used, or printing tape can be used. 
The sealing effect is very good, which greatly improves the consumption efficiency and saves 5-10% consumables. 
The packing machine completes the packaging standardization, automatic adjustment, automatic escort, automatic up and down even sealing. 
Taiwan technology manufacturing, the selection of imported electrical components, pneumatic components and parts; belt drive on both sides, easy to seal the box up and down; manual adjustment of width and height; blade protection and installation to prevent accidental injury during operation; it can be operated on a single machine, it can also be used for automatic packaging assembly line matching operation. 
The adhesive tape sealing machine can complete the action of sealing up and down at one time, and it is widely used in household department stores, food, textile and chemical industry. 
The tape sealing machine uses foreign advanced technology to complete automatic sealing and assembly line operation. 
The adhesive tape sealing machine adopts pneumatic installation to complete the automatic sealing brush of the four corners of the carton.


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