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  • Semi-automatic Bagging machine DS60B
  • Semi-automatic Bagging machine DS60B
  • Semi-automatic Bagging machine DS60B
  • Semi-automatic Bagging machine DS60B
  • Semi-automatic Bagging machine DS60B

Semi-automatic Bagging machine DS60B

This product made for e-commerce customers and provides integrated solutions Gathered code scanning weighting plastic bag packing auto-sealing printing express sheet and glueing and transportation. According to customer needs can be connect with

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Packaging Process  

Packaging process

Machine features  

  1. No Errors
    Express order generated by the system and automatically printed and glue, without manual intervention. And it can prevent errors.
  2. Labor Cost Saving
    Just one person to operate, can pack 650 bags per hour.
  3. Electrostatic Eliminating
    Basis on scientific and technological to effectively eliminate electrostatic hazards, let work smoothly and reliably.
  4. High Safety
    Prevent clamp, scald, Operational Error, Safe Handling.
  5. Small Area, Easy Operation, High Generalduty
Equipment parameters  

Conveyor speed: / 1500Pcs/h
Max. packing size: / Thickness:0.04-0.08mm W:200-550mm L: 250-800mm 
Display / 7  inch 
Power: / 1500W
Power supply: / AC220V, 50/60Hz 
Air pressure: / 0.025m³/min
Machine size: / L:1680mm W:850mm H:1420mm
Air Compressing / 5Kg/cm³ 
Net weight: / 200kg
Logistics description  

Logistics packaging

Application industry  

This shrink machine is widely used in mass production of Food / machinery / daily necessities / make-up / beverage / digital products / logistics / hardware / industrial products / toys / medicine / printing / gift box packaging.

R F Q  

Q: does it take a long time to buy a sealing machine?
A: standard models don't need to wait too long. They can be delivered within 7 working days;
Q: does the machine need to match itself?
A: except for some machines, such as da-50, which do not need to be originated, other machine parameters have indicated that those requiring air supply need to be equipped with air supply.
Q: our cartons are quite special. Can we provide non-standard customization?
A: vilance technology is relatively stable and mature in the world. They can provide you with non-standard customization according to the cartons of many customers;
Q: can your company provide free packing plan?
A: Yes, we have an excellent service team, which can provide you with the perfect packaging scheme free of charge;

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