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  • Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

Semi-automatic Labeling Machine DS-325A

Ca se pictures: Product characteristics: Single-headdesign, suitable for flat, concave surface film and double-sided adhesive, using rolling label technology, no bubblesattaching; High precisionlabeling,whichcan reach +0.2mm. Easy to operat

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Case pictures:
Case pictures
Product characteristics:

Single-head design, suitable for flat, concave surface film and double-sided adhesive, using rolling label technology, no bubbles attaching;
High precision labeling, which can reach +0.2mm.
Easy to operate, peeling, feeding, sucking and sticking film can be automatically completed, and the process of sticking film can be completed by manual loading and unloading.
Safety, transmission parts be wrapped, circuit and gas path separately arranged, avoid abnormal occurrence, use safer;
High stability, the use of PLC + subdivision stepping motor + optical fiber sensor or transparent sensor composed of electronic control system, stable equipment to support long-term work;
1. The product adapts to the base die;
2. Other functions (customized according to customer requirements).
Working principle
Core working principle: On the basis of traditional sticking technology, rolling mechanism is added to solve the bubble problem caused by vertical, and a group of pole mechanism is added to make the attachment position more convenient to adjust, and the operation is more safty.
Operating process: Place the product on the module positioning fixture, start the switch, the module sends the product to the designated position, the adsorption mechanism starts rolling film, after completion, the module returns to its original position, waiting for the next product to be put in.
Scope of application:
Applicable label/film: PE film, PVC film, PET film, double-sided adhesive, self-adhesive label, etc.
Applicable products: products requiring Film-coating on plane, concave plane, small arc surface, etc.
Application industry: widely used in mobile phones, hardware, plastics, electronics, toys, food, daily chemicals, medicine and other industries;
Application examples: mobile phone shell, plastic parts, card film and double-sided adhesive attachment, etc.
Technical parameters:
The following are the technical parameters of standard models, other special requirements and functions, which can be customized.
Applicable Label/Film Size: Length (Front and Back Size): 20mm-100mm; Width (Left and Right Size): 20mm-165mm
Attachment accuracy (mm): +0.2mm
Attachment speed (pcs/h): up to 500-600 pcs/h per hour (depending on operator's proficiency)
Voltage (V): 220V/50Hz
Power (W): 145W
Pressure (Mpa): 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Weight (kg): about 75 kg
Outline Dimensions of Equipment: (L) 530 mm * (W) 600 mm * (H) 700 mm

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